We also have alliance and strategic partners on our team

Greater Tomorrow Incorporated, GTI

GTI Consulting a division of Greater Tomorrow Inc. USA has been involved in the real estate consulting and funding in the USA and The Caribbean since 1998. The wealth of knowledge, relationships and experience gathered over the years, positions GTI at a leading edge in providing its clients excellent services in:

  • Consulting for Real Estate investors and Developers;
  • Real Estate Funding and Infrastructure
  • Finance Consultancy;
  • Engaging, exploring, and executing difficulty
  • Structured financing of projects in Africa, USA, and the Caribbean.
  • Project management

GTI Group has been engaged in arranging Joint partnerships between financially viable companies in Africa with technical and financial partners from all over the globe. It provides cutting edge solutions in real estate marketing, project research and development.

Mr. Emeka Okoye – President CEO, GTI Group
The GTI GROUP is headed by Mr. Emeka Okoye, as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Okoye is seasoned and experienced in the international business arena. With a Masters degree background in Architecture, and business interests in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Africa and the Caribbean, Mr. Okoye has brought to GTI, established, necessary networks, with personalized investment models for clients. The GTI Group partners with Threshold Konsults and is in a vantage position to create opportunities to empower investors, while also creating sustainable growth and capacity building in the emerging markets. Mr. Okoye is the founder of the GTI GROUP with more than 24 years experience in International business. He was educated in USA, Europe and Africa.

Octaglobe Technologies is a consulting outfit based in London engaged in identifying, structuring and arranging sources of funding for proprietors, entrepreneurs and Investors for various infrastructure projects, Airline, Oil Trading, solid mineral and Agriculture in Nigeria and West Africa.

Through a network of partnerships, alliances and strategic collaborations with venture capitalists, international financial institutions, investors and lenders, Octaglobe Technologies partners with Threshold Konsults to help their clients access cheap and large equity/debt funding in various spheres of endeavor.

Captain Ngere is a professional pilot with over 7,500 flying hours with various commercial airlines in Nigeria and 5000 command hours with the Nigeria Airforce. He was pilot for the VIP and executive flights – Presidential fleet under the command of the Nigeria Airforce.

Trained in Nigeria, Ghana, USA and UK, Capt. Ngere has had a robust experience in the aviation industry as pilot, ground logistics manager, air transport and administration and finance. He graduated from Nigerian Defense Academy and has attended various management, finance and airline management courses in diverse topical areas. He also has extensive experience in marketing, finance and consultancy.

He has leveraged his wide contacts and connections in business and politics to establish Octaglobe Techonologies as a strong force in venture capital financing, project management and offshore funding. Threshold Konsults stands to benefit from his wealth of internal and local experience.