Selecting and implementing fit-for-purpose automated business and accounting systems for an organization often become a daunting exercise for a business enterprise. Properly installed and implemented accounting systems contribute in no small measure to the success of most organizations. The benefits typically include better decision making capabilities, improved cash flow management, more accurate information for management, better control of the business, launch pad for business growth, etc.

Threshold Konsults has requisite competencies and expertise to guide clients in their Accounting and Business Automation requirements in the following areas:

  • Setting up Accounting Systems for Billing, Invoicing, Account Receivables Management, Cash and Bank Management, Account payables, Inventory Management, General Ledger Maintenance, Sales Order Booking, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Branch Accounting, Development of Custom Management Reports, etc.
  • Interfacing of Accounting Systems to E-payment Solutions, Vertical and Horizontal Technology Integration to Smartcards, E-commerce, ATMs, Transactions Switching Platforms, etc.
  • Provision of data warehousing, data mining technologies and business intelligence services that turn mass data into meaningful analytical information that keep businesses ahead of competition.