We have a strong financial consulting business as highlighted below:

We help introduce willing and able investors/nanciers to businesses needing local or offshore nancing. No project is embarked upon until a suitable lender/investor is identified, and conrmations obtained that the project will be duly accepted. At this stage, only a project summary will be needed and this procedure is necessary to avoid time wasted on projects that will not be acceptable to lenders in addition to associated costs involved in intensive project documentation.

The lending procedure has remained a mystery to most project owners, especially offshore nancing. As a professional Firm, we help clients to identify, access lending
sources, develop their projects to be acceptable to lenders, process such applications and set up a framework for the project to be successfully implemented with lenders and investors funds repaid appropriately. Threshold Konsults Limited has developed strategic partnerships and alliances with international consultants, fund managers, lenders and investors in many jurisdictions and operate under the umbrella of relevant bodies that regulate international nance/investment practice. The consultants and investor groups we work with have condence on all applications routed through our ofce.

Types of loan/ Investment:
I. Mergers and Acquisitions, Management buyout, leverage buyout, strategic purchases and
II. Private Equity: Ownership Interest, Investment, Partnership with private equity rms
III. Project Finance: Corporate Structured nance, Credit Enhancements
IV. Construction loans
V. Real Estate Structured Finance
VI. Trade Finance
VII. Reserve Oriented nancing
VIII. Lease Financing
IX. Asset-Backed Securities
X. Capital Market operations

Threshold Konsults Limited will coordinate the due diligence visits of International Banks/lenders or investors for clients’ projects and help overcome their concerns and objections. We also carry out due diligence exercise on behalf of lenders or investors and write preliminary reports that precede the lending/investment activity.

One of the most important aspects of a successful funding/ investor application is the client’s business plan, which must be prepared in the correct format for the appropriate lender/investor. Most clients in our experience are under the impression that there is a one-cap-ts-all standard business plan for all situations. This is the reason why most applications fail to get attention. Following our site inspection, we will advise the client precisely where any alterations, amendments or re-formatting of a business plan may be necessary before it is presented to the lender/investor. We help ne-tune the business plan for effectiveness and result.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals are experts in their respective fields; our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and communication systems, while the enabling work environment makes Threshold Konsults the first choice place of work for discerning employees.