Raising a team of staff for a practice of this nature involves the employment of staff that are well versed in international consulting, banking, economics, investment, industrial engineering, engineering economics, law, project management and other project related fields. We cannot boast of ALL these staff on full time basis but have alliance partners and do retain the services of a crop of experts to be involved in projects as the need arises.

We assist clients to articulate their service/people vision by helping them to plan and manage their manpower, conduct target-setting sessions that focus the organization on its main objectives, while assisting them to communicate vision across the establishment to ensure buy-in by all stakeholders.

We provide recruitment services for all cadre of personnel – executive selection, junior staff hire and support personnel. We help organizations select and recruit top class, highly motivated experts that guarantee near-perfect fit of recruited person to the organization’s profile.

Our result-oriented, need-based training programs guarantee peak performance by company personnel that enhance organizational renewal.