Every project requires pool of professionals working as a team to achieve the project goal. We offer services in program management which involves the appointment of various professionals or adopt qualified professionals already appointed by the client to achieve project objectives. Project Goals could vary from Engineering, Contracting, Procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and management. Threshold Konsults Limited will enter strategic partnership with various Lenders, Investors and Professionals to achieve project delivery on schedule. Threshold also accepts appointments from Lenders/Investors or Project Owners to act on their behalf as Program Managers or Project Financial Management Specialists.

Our Project Management scope includes the following:

  • Project Planning
  • Identification of Project Scope risk
  • Managing Project Constraints
  • Analyzing Activity Risk
  • Monitoring, Managing and Controlling
  • Project Risk
  • Project Audit
  • Closing Projects.

Inspection/Monitoring Visits

We carry out inspection visits to clients’ project sites before, during and after project finance. Our inspection visit normally takes two or three days (but always depending on the complexity of the matter) and the applicant is noticed in great detail, well in advance of the visit, exactly what we shall need to achieve, which will include (among other things):

  • To meet with all the parties to the borrowing decision – the actual applicant/promoter.
  • To verify and certify the exact loan/investment requirement. This aspect almost always involves much work and advice as to the best attachment strategy and exactly how to structure the application for it to be more readily acceptable to the lender/investor.
  • To view/inspect any proposed security (collateral) that is to be offered up and where appropriate meet with the Valuers.
  • Inspect and digitally photograph all relevant people, property and facilities. This information is scanned into the lender summary report (that we shall prepare) as record for the lender/investor that the in-country inspection has been carried out.
  • To examine and advise the client about all the relevant corporate, legal, financial, accounting and insurance documentation etc that will be necessary and vitally important to the application.
  • Meet with (where appropriate) the borrower’s (1) lawyer (2) Accountant (3) funds receiving bank and any other relevant party.
  • We also undertake monitoring visits on behalf of the lenders/investors when the project has commenced till completion.